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Thomas Jefferson Elementary School
General Information
Thomas Jefferson Elementary School
1900 N. 6th St.
Burbank, CA 91504
Phone:  (818)  558-4635

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Teacher Wishlist

Thank you parents for your continued generosity! If you are able to
donate any of these items, it would be greatly appreciated.

First Grade Teachers
    Miss Stevenson (Room 6)
    Clorox wipes
    Small Elmer’s glue sticks
    Black Expo markers
    Yellow highlighters
    Colored Xerox paper
    Miss Anderson (Room 8)
    Sturdy stapler
    Mr. Sketch markers
    Dusting cloths
    Colored copy paper
    Mrs. Demyanek (Room 10)
    Tennis balls for the bottom of the legs of the chairs
    Black white board markers
    Unscented baby wipes
    Small unwanted toys for the prize box
    Miss Rife (Room 13)
    Baby wipes
    Black expo markers
    Brightly colored Xerox paper
    Gift cards to Target or Staples or Office Depot for various
Second Grade Teachers
    Mrs. Rostomyan (Room 9)
    15 packs of Crayola Markers (standard sets of 8)
    Mrs. Sorensen (Room 11)
    15 PVC 90 degree elbows
    Mrs. Marte & Mrs. Uribe (Room 17)
    Tennis balls for the chair legs
    Prizes for the rewards chest
    Highlighters (thick ones from the 99cent store)
    Mrs. Scott (Room 19)
    Lots of good quality handheld pencil sharpeners for the
    colored pencils
    Swiffer dusters
    Prizes for the rewards auctions
Third Grade Teachers
    Miss Basinski (Room 16)
    Ticonderoga pencils
    Baby wipes
    Prizes for the treasure box
Fourth Grade Teachers
    Mrs. Moen & Mrs. Jurman
    A good stapler
    Heavy duty pencil sharpener
    Baby wipes
    Board games for rainy days
    Rainbow colored thick Expo Markers set (found at
    Hand held Swiffer type duster (for computers, keyboards,
    and blinds)
Fifth Grade Teachers
    Mrs. Pomfret (Room 18)
    A class set of chalk pastels
    Mrs. Essex (Room 24)
    A class set of water colors
    Mrs. Reed (Room 26)
    1 case of spiral notebooks
    Box of EXTRA FINE point black sharpies
    Miss Barnhart (Room 27)
    Band Aids
    Paper towels
    Ticonderoga pencils #2
    Swiffer dusters
    Prizes for reward store/auction
    Colored copy paper
    Gift cards to Target, Staples, Office Depot or Barnes
    & Noble for various supplies and books
Art Lab:
    One set of dry erase markers
    40 black sharpies – regular
    40 black sharpies – extra fine point
    40 #2 pencils with erasers
    40 white erasers, poly (from Target or Staples)
    6 rolls of paper towels
    3 8-foot fold in half tables
    Please see the Wish List at Go to then access the Wish List using

Computer Lab:
               LCD Monitors for classrooms; 13", 15", 17"
               Matching sets not necessary, like models will be placed


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